Many people are not sure of what to expect from a Workshop, is it the right thing for them?

Is it a holiday with some photography? Or photography with a feeling of being on holiday?

My answer is, expect  to take a lot of photographs!  Learn, and have Fun, nothing less will do.

Students Comment :

" I wanted to do a workshop on photography to get some sense of the more formal aspects of photography as I was sure I was missing some basic skills and techniques... Andrew's workshop was great. not academic or formal, ...first a brief but useful background to photography, and then a primary emphasis on practical and project based assignments. It really challenges you during the course of the week; to think about the story you want to tell. Why am I taking this photograph? What photographs do I need to take in order to somehow sum up or capture my experience, my views, of this place?

...taking the photographs are only half the story. The rest is selecting them, presenting them. The selection process is interesting, sometimes its not the best photographs that you need, but rather the ones that capture a moment, a certain light, that fits in with the others to ultimately say something...So, it was a great week - the wine and food are both fantastic, so its work and play hard!

Bill Stewart.  Los Altos. Calif. USA.    ( 2xW/ks ) 


"On my return, I felt every mile I had covered was worth it, my morale and self confidence was very much higher....The workshop opened my eyes to the world around me. For some subjects; Reportage, Contemporary photography, there were not enough hours in the day, every waking hour was filled.... There were very stimulating discussions of ideas , in good company, with good food and wine and in a magical area of France.

I took away printing skills and a new approach to my photography. I hope to return for future workshops".

Brenda Palmer.  Southampton. U.K.   ( 2xW/ks ) 

Philosophical graffiti. (Everything is Achivable except Desire)

Brenda Palmer.    Paris WK/s.

Before coming to your Workshop I was a blind photographer, I took pictures of anything that would attract my eye. The project approach made me feel like going more into photography, think photography, give meaning to the pictures. ...We created something as a group, a way of seeing... I enjoyed the rhythm of the work: on location, darkroom, evening projections, being in the light room, the analyse of our work and the project approach. It made me want to learn more... The fact that negative technical assessment was kept away, gives self-confidence, and allows one to express and develop ones own sensitivity.

Françoise Lambert. Journalist. France. (x3 Workshops)

I certainly learned some fundamental and important things about photography that I was surprised I hadn't been taught before, taking photos that aren't simply technically proficient and/or beautiful, but have something to say. Spending all day together working (and playing) was great because I could ask questions as they occurred to me.


Going to the exhibits in Arles was fantastic and the evening projections were a wonderful way to end the day. The first day when you talked to us about what makes a good photograph was invaluable, what I learned from you that day had a great impact on the way I take pictures and will stay with me throughout my life. I am thinking about photography in a very different way than when I began.. I now have a greater understanding of what makes a good photograph and how to take them".

Hayley Mills. New.York .N.Y.

"Many thanks for a good week in Ansouis. It was an experience that will make a lasting impression on my approach to photography.... Many workshops give priority to technical competence in producing the image so it was a pleasure to put this on one side and give precedence to considering the image, and the way in which an image can convey feelings".

David E Conway BSc. Associate Royal Society of Photography. Dorset .U.K

 "I would like to thank you for your help and encouragement on the recent workshop. I came because I have not been active for a long time. I enjoyed my photography...but the results lacked something. The first days project WOW!!!, It made you more aware of your potential subject ...and with the first screen review I decided to like Andrew. ...I believe a great deal of camaraderie was evident and enjoyed. I certainly did. I brought away encouragement, ... enthusiasm... pleasure... from my own work. Knowledge... of other points of view, and Ideas!!! And it all takes place in Provence, the light seems to have a magical quality, the food, the wine & the culture are added features to the benefits of the workshop. I would like to return. I intend to return".

T.M. McDonald   Southampton. U.K.   (x2 Wk/s ) tell a story, to put an exhibition together and the f-stop system. Andrew, your historical information & facts were an additional bonus. Your passion for photography & Provence was also a bonus. The only think that may be improved is perhaps less & lighter lunches and less & lighter dinners.

Sonya Melescu. St Thomas, Virgin islands. 

The 6 day program started at 9:00am each day and frequently finished after evening dinner. Daily activity included two photo sessions a day, sometimes three. ...Each day was full of photo work but also consisted of a fabulous tour of Provence as well....including eating in the best local restaurants and drinking great local wine ... Workshop staff is fully fluent in French and assists in ordering dinner from those tricky French menus, as well as purchases at the Village patisserie.

At the end of a Project those who need it are given instruction. Andrew participates, cajoles and brings every class member up to speed. Particularly difficult images are nursed to life by Andrew himself and I was especially grateful for his 20+ years of experience. During the week we toured seven different locations and created seven different projects. Locations included a 2000 year old arena, a Roman archeological site that was covered for 1500 years, the ruin of the Chateau De Sade, an ancient mountain top fort, several medieval cities and a fairy tale castle. Plus several unexpected sites or locations were visited just for fun.

..the best part was the price.. or as they say on Wall Street the 'value proposition' can't be beat!

On our final night, three of us went out to dinner. We ordered a superb four (4) course meal, had a bottle of good vintage local wine, desert and coffee. The whole bill came to 90 euros. At current exchange rates, that's about $100. A comparable meal at the River Café in Brooklyn would run more than twice that amount .. for two people, not three! The combined difference of food quality and price is remarkable.

Enrolling in a photo Exploration / workshop makes going to Provence, France easy and fun, with a low stress factor. Workshop staff is fully fluent in French and assists with transport to and from the train station or airport.

This Photo Exploration Workshop is the best photo vacation value I have ever had. Not only was I able to extend my knowledge of what makes a good photo and how to produce a good results every time, (results that work!) but the sights we explored were incredible! A great, easy to do, learning vacation!

Julie C. University.  FRANCE.

"I very much enjoyed the ten days in Provence and I think it was beneficial both for my photographic and personal thinking....look forward to seeing you again sometime"

Bob Kershaw. Ilford AG. Switzerland.

the additional time in Ansouis was just what the doctor ordered--including the wonderful meal at La Petit Maison (there just are not that many dishes made with truffles and Provencal lamb here in Cincinnati).

Daniel Epstein.

"I found the stuff of which dreams are made".

Bob & Betty Thurban. ARPS Isle of Jersey  

Gisella Epp was a Workshop 'student'  and my assistant the following year. She later gave me the following photographs and invitation, to her first Exhibition in Metz and later in Aix-en- Provence and later still, in Arles. A pleasure for me.


We board a train and we leave behind our daily life and its obligations. We sit behind a window and wait to arrive somewhere, and we look out of the window. There is nothing to do, nothing exceptional happens.

During a fraction of a second, new images appear between : the world behind the window and this space where I sit.

During a fraction of a second, places are born which do not exist, but I am in them.

A finger on the button is a gesture which says stop to this tide of movement and confusion in which I am submerged. My camera records these fragments of chaos which is also life.





Gallery 'La Fontaine Obscure'. Aix-en - Provence 

Gisella Epp. Germany. 

& Workshop Assistant

"on looking at the results that I was producing it became clear to me that I was creating some of the best work I had done for a long time....One of the most important things that I got from the course was more confidence to believe in my ability to identify the image that appeals to me and then go and take it"

Steve Francis. . Southampton. UK

The above quotes may help you to decide. They are taken from previous workshop students

who have written to me afterwards, and are reproduced with their permission.