I  assume having come this far you may be interested in doing a Workshop. Good. To help you make an informed  decision I have a detailed 'Workshop  Programme' with : Dates, up-to-date availability,  an outline of day-to-day operation, Festivals,  fees, advice on travel, and other specialist W/ks, for example in Paris during the the month of Photography. 


         Accommodation, we can help you,  or choose your own. As a guide, it is best found inside the village, where everything is within walking distance. One can walk the length of the village in twelve minutes and cross it in less. 


        (Explore the village and the surrounding countryside, use the Google map below)


        Should you make a positive decision to come I do recommend reserving, asap! 

a Workshop place and accommodation. Summer is long but July & August are high season, but each season has its charm.

       If you would like a W/ks Programme; and /or have any immediate questions please use the 'email-to', below, or at any other time. A good understanding helps all around. 


    Thank you for your interest.

Andrew Squires

 See About Me below.

Note also: there are opportunities for one-to-one, and custom designed courses for groups. These are best developed mutually and as early as possible using mail, telephone, skype or FaceTime. Discounts and fees are negotiable for both.


Complete your details as you prefer:


Andrew Squires  MA. is  an English

Photographer living in France, with a background in teaching photography to Art & Design students at the University of the West of England, Workshops in UK. Paris, around the Mediterranean  and the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles.



He lives in Provence and has explored and photographed it extensively for himself. Discovering its history and extraordinary landscapes, ancient villages and sites from Antiquité to the Medieval. Working in situations from fresh water mountain streams to the salt water lagoons of the Camargue, its Roman cities and across Provence to the Alps.

He has exhibited in England, Belgium and France and has work in collections in France, Holland and the Musée d'Art & Histoire, Fribourg, Suisse.

While I was teaching & working with Art & Design students, I quickly became convinced that effective visual learning and constructive  discovery come from Projects:   that are fun to do...

Learning by 'Doing'  &  'See & Know' continue to be the guiding principles of my workshops here in the marvellous climate & culture of Provence.