Open to Everyone

And it is this rich variety of life  experience, point of view and enthusiasm which makes a group dynamic from which we all benefit.

Applying  photography to your curiosity and desire, making a highly productive atmosphere :

sharing ideas, making photographs, seeing results quickly, and enjoying being

...On-Location, in the south of France.

Changing lens among the ruins  of a medieval massacre. 

Whatever your level, and here is the best of company for any beginner, the only entry requirement is an honest desire to explore photography and to want more from your efforts. 

 A site inhabited by man since antiquity, a place of Cults & Divinities from the old Mediterranean. In popular belief its sacred water source, is associated with an entrance to the underworld.

Anticipating the fall of Rome it was destroyed by the barbarians in the 3rd century. A fantôme city lost for 15 centuries, appearing in ancient texts & and seen - only on fantastical maps. Reappearing when excavations began in 1921.

ASKING  Questions & Learning :

What can you learn from each other ?

Workshop 'students' range from : beginners who are curious and want more, to highly skilled amateurs who have been 'at it' for years. From a student solder girl from Israel, to men and women from business, medicine, Law, journalism, farming and in-between. From all walks of life people arrive from Europe and beyond. All are looking for something more, all arrive with a variety of experience, point of view and above all enthusiasm, giving a group dynamic from which we all benefit. All are united in their desire to create.  Evidently to create something more than self study at home will allow...

WHEN can you Learn ?

Answer, feedback is instantaneous and with a little reflection profound. But do we ever stop learning? No. Learning by 'Doing' and See & Know' continue to be the guiding principles of these Workshops.

CHOOSING: to be a 'Workshop student' for a week can be fun. It is a unique environment, 'students' leave their ordinary life behind to learn, to practice & explore the rich repertoire of Photography.


From the real to the Fantastique. They find excitement and energy, some never knew they possessed . 

Fête de Fleurs