Photography   On - Location

Discover Provence

People,  Situations  &  Events

We work at different times of day, crossing a variety of Provençal environment & situation...

Which form: Subject, Background, frame or interpretation for

the Project.

Everywhere catching time, life, the light, history and making the most of chance encounters. 

In the Camargue.

Provençal Light

Evening, Horizontal liquid gold...   and a shepards delights at dawn.

Night Light

Explore Low Light

Even beneath trees and umbrellas there is such an abundance of light it bounces about skiming around shadows.

Hard  Light  

Light  at  High Noon

The absence of light tn shadow 

and CHANCE  toward  mastering  Chance

As Photographers we deal with moments, if we are ready!

In the same instant of seeing the 'event', to seizing it.

Imagine a face illuminated by one of those curious smiles, perhaps by love, or the pure and innocent joy on the face of a child. As Cartier-Bresson would have said, 'Decisive Moments'.

Challenge even the very idea of Luck!

Château des Baux Provence

As almost a crossroads its court became a meeting point for Troubadours travelling to and from the courts of Spain, France & Italy; from England, Flanders & Paris to the Holy Land. L'amour Courtois is being written, ...and written about.

Les Baux, its Seigneurs & their Court share equally; the intrigue, terror and romance of the early renaissance kingdom of Occitane.

They built their chateau at the end of the 10th century. Claiming descent from the magician King Balthazar, one of the three wise men. A Star radiating sixteen beams of light was their coat of arms.

From the 12th to the 13th century is a reign of peace & prosperity. Clerics begin to educate knights and they come to live together under the same roof of the Noble. Troubadours roam, sing and write poetry. Les Baux is celebrated for their refined court life, L'amour Courtois (Courtly Love) was to flourish.


How long is yesterday ?

Provence profound

Shooting the Past.

During the european middle ages the clergy  were the guardians and source of all  knowledge. They were translating Greek: medicinesciencephilosophy  comedy and tragedy from Arabic into Latin, and as masters of math to account.

My favourite angel. Though a victim of abuse during the French Revolution.


A time when  the church was seen as collaborating with the regime; effigies, religious paraphernalia,  paintings and furniture were dragged  into  the streets and burnt, a time when priests were  killed. Such was the rage against the aristo's and the old regime.

The Camargue

Legend has it that...  a boat without sail or oar carrying St. Mary Jacobé (sister of the Virgin Mary); St Mary Magdalene (the  whore whom Jesus forgave) ; St. Mary Salomé (mother of the apostles James & John) ; St. Lazarus (whom Jesus brought back to life); St. Martha his sister; St. Maximin; St. Sidonius (to whom Jesus gave sight)  and Sarah, their black servant  landed.

Lost as if in the midst of the gates to Hell. 


A Roman Theatre.
The Roman Arena.

An arena of ritual death between animals and gladiators, and for a while Christians. Games might last a week,before 20,000 picnicking spectators.


With the fall of the Empire in the 5th century this Arena was transformed into a fort,  a defence against Arab incursion.


It became a city within itself with over two hundred houses and  two churches, all within its walls, while the rest of the city lay in ruins.