Optimize your capacity to seize the moment.

Develop and express your own point view  visually clearly.

Learn to simplify method with camera and computer.

Each Workshop is different 

according to who comes and the individual.

Feedback is given when appropriate.

Directed towards advancing your photography. Adding to your technical knowledge and skill where it supports and clarifies your intention.

The course is designed to enable you to become independent and proficient with the camera on-location, and editing and treating  your images with Photoshop, to clearly express your intention and feeling.

Everyone will have personal sit down discussions and critique of their work.

A  Workshop

 Approach  :


We work at different times of day crossing a range of Provençal Environments, Situations and Places. All invite and inspire response.

There is no competition, no winners or losers. It is a pleasurable stress free week learning, practicing and experimenting with new strategies in photography to take home and improve on!

 We work individually and together through several practical Projects.

In the secret heart of the Luberon mountains. 

The Projects of the Workshop

...put learning and practising together.


practical approach to improving your photography.

Each Project has a Subject an Introduction, on-going Technical advice, when appropriate, never an avalanche of information.

Each Project finishes with a Review, Feedback & Editing.

We take this feedback to the next Project, and put it to work at the next Location. Simultaneously exploring Provence.

Learn strategies for making Portraits which speak.

New ways to approach the Subject and reduce technical issues to a minimum.

Post - Production :


Prepare selected images for sharing : Prints for exhibitions, Digital images for Books, Slide shows and website creation.

In the Camargue

Editing  &  Treatment :
Between - Production :

Editing, means selection,  productive assessment of the results, and treating the image  where necessary, around a table, or on-location. Anytime is a good time to ask.

Choosing: means we select, Why this? And not that? See & Know.

Going straight to the heart of a 'good' image. Does it need anything?


Where relevant: looking at options for expression to help the image support your intention and communicate successfully.


You will become familiar and proficient with the essential Tools & Techniques of Photoshop.  Eminently  transferable to any editing programme.

Breakfast Time

Tea Time

Most of all  -  Make a Story

The Camargue

Discover more in Photography
Museums without Walls
Books  /  Projections 

This other world  that only Photographers have been seeing and making.

When  appropriate: somespace is given to seeing the work of Photographers,  who have made history, not only visually but as pertinent to our life as the work of any writer, thinker or painter.


Were you can also see and learn to understand how images work visually, to successfully  communicate : a concept, an emotion, a message without the written word . Essentially creating for yourself a new language of Photography to use.


A language that allows you to explore new opportunities in photography for yourself as well as adding to your appreciation of other photographers work.

The Workshop :

Is one week commencing on Saturdays with an apéritif around 7pm. It ends: the following Saturday morning with a final critique of the of the Portrait Project; an introduction to the world of International Photography and a look at my own work, followed by lunch.

By the end of the week you will appreciate your own and  the work of others as a visual art form.

You will take with you a greater understanding of the creative world of photography.

Have a lot of Photos of your own, and a rich visual experience to continue with and develop at home.